Interested in online teaching?

I published a new article this week on Top Majors for Online Students.

I drilled down into the data about what programs that students enroll in online to understand where the best opportunities were for online faculty.

In previous articles I have looked at what institutions are most active in online learning.

You can check these out from the indie teaching page.

Even if you are not interested in indie teaching but are being forced to teach online/remote for fall, you might find the Guide to Indie Teaching to be a valuable resource as I talk about how to design an online course. Just skip to Chapter 7. It is free and available from the same page.

I have been personally mentoring a couple of faculty this summer on this transition, including my prom date from high school. If anyone would like to talk this transition through, let me know. I have been teaching online for twenty years now, and also trained and supported thousands of faculty across multiple colleges and universities.